“To live alone one must be an animal or a god — says Aristotle. There is yet a third case: one must be both — a .”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Friday, June 21 — afternoon
Trimming the rosemary
Is it dying?
Thinning the corn plants
Mulching the flower beds
I am in the sun too…

I played with the glass dildo earlier as a rebellious reclamation of my own vagina from the perils of patriarchal medicine, corporate pharmaceuticals, and misogynistic shame. I confess that I deeply love the scent of the warm glass when I pull it out from inside myself. It reminds me of…

Anyone majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies is impractical. What society wants are quantifiable skills, certificates, licenses, or degrees with an exact translation. In terms of the economic bottom line, Interdisciplinarity is of little to no use. However, in terms of a therapeutic bottom line, Interdisciplinarity is of value. James Hillman suggested…

Gabe Eyrich

She/her. BS in Sociology, minor Women’s & Gender Studies. MAIS in Writing and Psychology. www.gabeeyrich.com

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